About Us

Sheraton Textiles Online is owned and run by Sheraton Textiles Holdings (Pty) Ltd. We are an online store based in Cape Town specializing in luxury bedding and accessories. What makes us different from other online linen stores is that we are not only the retailer, we are also the manufacturer – we can offer better service, quality and value than our competitors by being located at the source – direct from the factory to you, no middle man.

We supply linen directly to the public through our online store by offering a door-to-door delivery service throughout South Africa. However, if you are a guesthouse, boutique hotel or small retail outlet feel free to Contact Us if you are interested in placing a bulk order with us. We are very flexible, and can handle orders of all sizes.

Sheraton Textiles is a 99-year-old household textile manufacturing company with facilities in Cape Town and Pietermaritzburg (in KwaZulu-Natal), and a chain of retail factory outlets in the Western Cape.

Sheraton Textiles is the supplier of choice to major hospitality groups as well as the largest supplier of luxury linen to the country’s major retail chains.

The Company continues to focus on developing world class manufacturing capabilities, with strategic focus on key product and design development, including an industry leading embroidery plant which is recognised as the largest facility of its kind in South Africa.

Fabrics are sourced for the group from both local and overseas suppliers, and undergo meticulous quality control and testing procedures prior to manufacturing.

Sheraton has positioned itself as an innovative & design centric business inspired by international trends.

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