Grey Glen Mohair Throw


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Mohair Throw • 130 x 180cm • 70% Mohair • 30% Wool

This throw in made of super-soft Mohair, the lightest & warmest natural fibre in the world.

All these Mohair products are made in the Eastern Cape in South Africa, where 70% of the worlds fibre is farmed and manufactured in to exquisite products.

The unique properties of Mohair include:

  • Lustre: The fibres natural lustre gives the throws/blankets a silky sheen.
  • Lightweight: The fabric is luxuriously lightweight and renowned for it’s versatility, cool in the summer, warm in the winter.
  • Climate Control: Mohair breathes, absorbing and releasing atmospheric moisture and controlling its own “climate” to ensure optimal comfort.
  • Durability: Because of its pliability, mohair is rated one of the world’s most durable natural fibres.
  • Crease resistant: Products made from Mohair have an innate elasticity, which ensures they hold their shape.
  • Non-flammable: Mohair is virtually non-flammable, keeping you safe and chic all year round.
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