Glodina Marathon Snag Free Towels 550g White

Glodina Bath Sheet 550g Marathon Snag Proof White


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Glodina Bath Sheet • 550g • White • 100% Cotton • Marathon™ Snag Proof™

Glodina Marathon™ Snag Proof™ towels are developed for the hospitality & healthcare industry as well as households that demand luxury and durability.

Guest comfort depends on relaxing baths or sojourns beside the pool, therefore choosing the right towel is crucial. Guests are looking for warmth, gentleness and luxury. The hospitality industry knows that this means finding a towel that retains its shape, softness and super absorbency wash after wash.
Glodina Marathon™ Snag Proof™ towels have proved they can last the distance. These pure cotton warp knit towels are made to outlast conventional towels and have been specially designed to keep their luxurious touch for far longer.

Size Chart:
– Face cloth: 30 x 30cm
– Hand Towel: 50 x 90cm
– Bath Towel: 70 x 135cm
– Bath Sheet: 85 x 160cm
– Bath Mat: 50 x 75cm

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