Sheraton EcoKnit Snag Free Towels 550g
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Sheraton EcoKnit Snag Free Towels White 550g

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Product Description

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Sheraton EcoKnit Snag Free towels • Snag Free • Quick Drying • 550g • Available in White

The Sheraton EcoKnit® snag free quick drying towels are the most technically advanced energy efficient terry towels in the world, they are guaranteed to save you money and increase your laundry capacity.

Whether you are buying towels for your home, or run a small hotel or large commercial laundry, we can guarantee you’ll save money by switching to Sheraton EcoKnit® towels. In fact, the savings you’ll make on water and energy mean you’ll soon recoup the initial cost. These savings mean Sheraton EcoKnit® towels have the lowest laundering costs of any cotton towel available!

Advantages of Sheraton EcoKnit® Towels

  • EcoKnit® Towels dry up to 40% faster – This could mean up to 30 minutes per load therefore saving on labour costs and time constraints within the laundry.
  • EcoKnit® Towels save 15% water in the wash process – Polyester in the base construction absorbs less water.
  • EcoKnit® Towels last 2 to 3 times longer than your current towels – EcoKnit® towels are Snag Free and are virtually indestructible – The loops cannot come loose and the towel cannot fall to pieces like a 100% cotton towel.
  • EcoKnit® Towels, bringing luxury to the Hospitality Industry – Traditional towels have a 50/50 split of weight in the pile to base construction. 50% of their weight is in the pile and the other 50% remains in the base in order to retain pile retention (prevent the loops been pulled out). EcoKnit® Towels have 80% of the overall weight of the towel in the pile thereby giving guests a longer, softer pile which provides a more luxurious feel. More cotton in the pile also gives better absorption! Independent tests show EcoKnit has 30% better absorption and in abrasive tests EcoKnit® pile lasted 30,000 cycles compared to 15,000 in a standard 100% cotton product of the same weight.
  • EcoKnit® Towels are Green – Using less resources like water and energy means you will be reducing your dependence on what’s pure and natural
  • Face Cloth – 30 x 30cm
  • Hand Towel – 50 x 90cm
  • Bath Towel – 70 x 130cm
  • Bath Sheet – 85 x 160cm
  • Bath Mat – 55 x 75cm

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Bath Mat 55 x 75cm, Bath Sheet – 85 x 160cm, Bath Towel – 70 x 130cm, Face Cloth 30 x 30cm, Hand Towel 50 x 90cm

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