Sheraton Cuff Piped 400TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set
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Sheraton Cuff Piped 400TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set

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Product Description

Sheraton Cuff Piped 400TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set • 100% Cotton Sateen • 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Linen

The Sheraton Cuff Piped 400TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set is made from the finest Egyptian cotton linen available. This duvet cover is tailored into a subtle yet beautiful cuff-piped design. Sheraton’s Cuff Piped 400TC Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set uses linen specially woven by master weavers using the finest handpicked Egyptian Cotton. The extra luxury attributed to Egyptian Cotton lies in the fact that the fibres are stronger than those grown in other areas of the world. This is due to the high humidity and temperate climate of the Cotton growing region of Egypt. Egyptian cotton is the finest, longest-staple of all. Grown in the Nile River Valley, Egyptian cotton produces an extremely soft yet durable weave.

The species of Egyptian Cotton also known as “Gossypium Barbadense“, which originated in Ethiopia, is also renowned for its extra-long staple fibres. These two attributes allow the cotton to be spun into very fine yarns of superior strength, which in turn make for a softer, more luxurious and durable linen. Egyptian Cotton is renowned as the world’s finest cotton and ever since its introduction into Europe in 800AD, Egyptian Cotton fabrics and products have been regarded as the finest available.

After determining the fibre and weave, you should always check the thread count, which refers to the number of threads woven per inch. In general, a sheet with a higher thread count will be more durable and feel softer. A thread count of 200 is a good standard; a count of 230 will be noticeably softer and 400 will be luxurious.

While all of these factors should be taken into account when choosing sheets, ultimately, your personal preference is most important. The best test will come when you take your sheets home, wash them, and sleep on them for a while.

Try adding a Egyptian Cotton flat sheet to complete the look and protect your duvet cover from wear and tear.

Read more about Egyptian Cotton at Wikipedia.

Additional Information


Charcoal, Ice Blue, Mauve, Silver, White


Double – 200 x 200cm, King – 230 x 220cm, King XL 260 x 240cm, Queen – 230 x 200cm

Thread Count

400 Thread Count

Fabric Quality

400 Thread Count 100% Egyptian Cotton


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