Goose Down Box-Stitch Duvet
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Sheraton Goose Down Box-Stitch Duvet

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Goose Down Box-Stitch Duvet • Sheraton European Goose Feather and Down Duvet • 12 Tog • 70% Soft Feathers / 30% Down • 233TC 100% Cotton down-proof casing • Unique Pin-stripe Piped Edges • Sheraton Signature Logo Embroidery detail • Winter Duvet

This Goose Down Box-Stitch Duvet contains superior quality European-standard Goose feather and down, and is housed in a 100% cotton down-proof casing. This duvet boasts excellent loft properties, comfort, warmth and durability, making it a perfect winter duvet. This Goose duvet consists of a mix of 70% soft Goose feathers, with 30% pure Goose down. Sheraton’s Goose Down is top quality, and is extremely light and puffy. The duvet is stitched in our Box-Stitch style which prevents the down from shifting inside the duvet and retains the lovely puffy look.

Down is natures best insulator. It boasts lightweight and fluffy characteristics. A feather and down duvet inner warms up quickly by trapping pockets of air within the structure of the feathers. Goose down also regulates your body temperature better than any synthetic alternative because of its unique ability to breathe. Compared to a Duck Down duvet inner a Goose Down duvet is lighter, softer, warmer and softer.

The Box-stitch construction of this Goose feather and down duvet inner prevents the feathers from moving around, therefore promoting even feather distribution for guaranteed warmth and comfort all night long.

What should you know about down?
• It’s the smallest, finest feathers, often more finely curled, so they hold air better
• More insulating and softer than other fillings
• More pricey than other fillings

What should you know about feathers?
• Feathers are the longer, flatter feathers
• These feathers hold onto less air than down so more of them are needed to produce the same amount of heat
• Many duvets are a combination of the two, in an effort to reduce the cost and balance the whole experience.

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Size Chart:
Double – 200 x 200cm
Queen – 230 x 200cm
King – 230 x 220cm
King XL / Super King – 260 x 230cm

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Double, King, King XL, Queen


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