Sheraton Royal Danish Sheradown Duvet Inner

Sheraton Royal Danish Sheradown Duvet Inner

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Product Description

The Sheraton Royal Danish Sheradown duvet inners have a Tog rating of 9.5, meaning they have a medium-to-hot warmth level that is ideal for use during autumn as well as the colder winter months. A Tog rating describes the warmth of Thermal Resistance of a product and is widely used to explain the warmth level of duvets, the higher the tog, the warmer the duvet will be. The box-style stitching of the Sheradown duvet inners ensure that the filling is evenly distributed, and the 100% cotton casing ensures that the duvet breathes well.

The Royal Danish Sheradown Superior duvet inner is Europe’s fastest growing synthetic duvet inner. The filler comprises of a mixture of ultra-thin down like polyester flakes & virgin polyester fibre clusters.

This unique product introduces a new level of sleeping luxury. The combined softness of pure down-feel Sheradownâ„¢ with the body of synthetic fillers gives both comfort and support.

Sheradownâ„¢ can truly be classed as the best non-allergenic alternative to goose down. It is 5 times more resilient than fibre puff clusters. Royal Danish Sheradown Superior is housed in a 230 thread count, 100% cotton percale jacquard down-proof casing.

Durable and easy to clean, this product retains its shape to look and feel like new, time and time again.

– Patented Sheradown filling
– Closest synthetic filler to natural feather and down
– 100% cotton woven jacquard casing

– Unique polyester flakes prevents filling from clumping
– Retains shape after washing
– Non-allergic

Size Chart:
– Double: 200 x 200cm
– Queen: 230 x 200cm
– King: 230 x 220cm
– King XL: 260 x 230cm

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3 Quarter – 150 x 200cm, Double – 200 x 200cm, King – 230 x 220cm, King XL – 260 x 230cm, Queen – 230 x 200cm, Single – 130 x 200cm


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