Sheraton 200TC Cotton Oxford Pillowcase Pair

100% Cotton Oxford Pillowcase Pair in White

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Sheraton 200TC Cotton Oxford Pillowcase Pair • 100% Cotton Percale • 200 Thread Count • Straight Stitch

At 200 thread count, this bed linen is an excellent value option. With 200 threads of 100% cotton packed into every square inch, it makes for a sublime sleeping experience. Light, elegant, and bobble-free, our bed linen is made from the finest material we could find. It’s smooth, soft, and easy to iron.

A percale weave has a thread count of about 180 or higher, and is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave used for bed-sheets. It has medium weight, is firm and smooth with no gloss, and warps and washes very well. This 200TC oxford pillowcase pair is made of 200 thread count, 100% cotton percale. Only available with a luxury 5cm Oxford border.

There are three factors that determine the quality and feel of a sheet: The fibre from which it is made, how the fabric is woven, and the thread count. The most common fibre used for bed sheets is cotton. Percale is a plain-weave fabric, meaning that the warp and the weft threads cross over and under each other one at a time. The threads are tightly woven, which results in a fine texture and finish. The word “percale” is derived from pargalal, a centuries-old cloth from Persia. Sateen sheets have a luxurious look and feel. The fabric is made in a satin weave, in which warp threads interlace with filling threads, resulting in a lustrous, smooth-faced, durable fabric.

After determining the fibre and weave, you should always check the thread count, which refers to the number of threads woven per inch. In general, a sheet with a higher thread count will be more durable and feel softer. A thread count of 200 is a good standard; a count of 300 will be noticeably softer.

While all of these factors should be taken into account when choosing sheets, ultimately, your personal preference is most important. The best test will come when you take your sheets home, wash them, and sleep on them for a while.

200TC Pure Cotton:
• Cool, comfortable, natural, this fine bed linen is made from the purest cotton yarn.
• Bed linen made from cotton is highly durable and will retain its luxurious feel was after wash.

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Standard 45 x 70cm

Thread Count

200 Thread Count

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