Sheraton 45 x 70cm Eco-Collection Java Silk Pillow


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Sheraton Signature™ Collection

45 x 70cm Eco-Collection Java Silk Pillow • Java Silk Standard Pillow • Piped edges • 100% Cotton Casing

Java Silk is a very fine fibre obtained from the seeds of the gigantic tropical Kapok tree Ceiba Pentandra, which was originally indigenous to the South American rain forests and was a sacred symbol in Mayan mythology. It is now grown widely throughout the tropics.

Java Silk is a totally natural and sustainable fibre, being harvested from the several hundred seed pods that each adult tree produces each year. The fibre is sometimes called silk cotton because its fineness and softness are reminiscent of silk strands.

The name Java Silk is derived from the fact it is sourced from the Indonesia rain forest. Although the fibres are too short to be woven, they make an excellent filling for bedding products and, because of their extreme lightness, are also used in flotation devices. Java Silk is also a good insulator of heat, which makes it excellent for use in duvet inners The fibre has both anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties as well as being totally biodegradable.

Whilst Sheraton’s Eco Range Java Silk duvet inners are filled with 100% Java Silk, its pillows comprise a mixture of Java Silk and its own patented filler Sheradown™. The latter product being added to ensure that the pillow does not lose its body.

Java Silk Standard Pillow 45 x 70cm

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