When-to-replace-your-pillow200TC Grey Oxford Regency Pillowcase 60 x 90cm

60 x 90cm Sheradown Regency Pillow


Product Description

60 x 90cm Sheradown Regency Pillow • Sheradown™ Filling • 60 x 90cm • 1.45kg filling • 100% Cotton Down-proof casing

60 x 90cm Sheradown Regency Pillow combines the functionality of a standard pillow with the decorative element of a continental pillow. The Sheradown Regency pillows are designed to fulfill the role of continental pillows on the bed. In terms of shape, continental pillows follow a more traditional square shape that can appear box-like and unsightly on a contemporary bed layout.

The Sheradown Regency Pillow follows the rectangular shape of a standard pillow, and is therefore more aesthetically pleasing and visually compatible when displaying the two side by side. The Sheradown Regency Pillow offers tremendous support and comfort, and makes an excellent supportive pillow when sitting up and reading in bed.

The combined softness of pure down-feel Sheradown™ with the body of synthetic fillers offers unparalleled comfort and support.

Sheradown™ can truly be classed as the best non-allergenic alternative to goose down. The Sheradown Regency™ pillow is housed in a 230 thread count, 100% cotton percale down-proof casing.

These pillows measure 60 x 90cm, therefore they require 60 x 90cm Regency Pillowcases.

60 x 90cm
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