Eco Collection Latex Pillow

Eco Collection Latex Pillow


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Sheraton Eco Collection Latex Pillow • 100% Pure Latex filling • 100% Cotton Quilted Casing

Sheraton's Eco Collection Latex Pillows are made from the finest Sri Lankan latex specially made into small chips to increase sleeping comfort. The filling is housed in a quilted casing made from 100% cotton percale fabric with pure cotton batting for added comfort.

Our latex is sourced from Sri Lanka as this country is highly regarded for it's high quality latex with pure white appearance.

Whereas many other latex pillows contain mixtures of pure and synthetic latex, (a petrochemical derivative), our use of the finest natural products removes the risk of allergies which often occur with synthetic latex.

Pure latex has the following properties:
• Anti-fungal & hygenic
• Self-ventilating & moisture regulating
• Durability & long-lasting
• Total Sustainability

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