50 x 90cm King Goose Feather and Down Pillow


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King Goose feather and down pillow • 1.5kg filling • 233TC down-proof casing • 50 x 90cm

This Goose feather pillow contains superior quality European-standard 75/25 Goose feather & down mix housed in a 100% cotton down-proof casing. These pillows boast excellent loft properties, comfort, and durability. Our king size goose feather & down pillows measure 50 x 90cms and contain 1.5kgs of feather & down filling.

Goose down has an ultra lightweight and fluffy characteristic. Goose down pillows mould to the shape of your neck and body, and have excellent loft properties – which means they bounce back into shape, time after time. Down filled pillows are suited to people who enjoy a soft pillow that has medium thickness. Generally speaking, people who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach will enjoy a slimmer pillow. Goose down regulates your body temperature better than any synthetic because of its unique ability to breathe. Compared to a duck down pillow, a goose down pillow is lighter, softer and more durable. King Goose feather and down pillows can be used for sleeping on, and make excellent display pillows which you can place behind your main two standard pillows to give your bed a more sophisticated look.

50 x 90cm
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