Sheraton Duck Feather Pillows 2 Pack
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Sheraton Duck Feather Pillows 2 Pack


Product Description

Sheraton Duck Feather Pillows 2 Pack • Duck Feather Pillow 45 x 70cm • 650g filling • 233TC down-proof casing • 95/5 Feather & Down Blend • Soft Support Pillow

This Duck feather & down pillow contains a 95/5 blend of the finest duck feather & down. These duck feather pillows are housed in a 100% cotton 233 thread count percale down-proof casing and finished off with a durable double stitch around the edging. The casing is made of 100% cotton down-proof fabric which ensures that the feathers do not escape through the fabric. Our duck feather and down pillows are filled with a European-standard quality duck feather and down. This pillow offers soft / low support, so it’s suitable for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs. However, some people enjoy the luxuriously light and airy feel of a feather pillow – and may choose to pile 2 pillows on top of each other to achieve the required support from a soft pillow.

This Duck feather and down pillow is recommended for people who prefer a slimmer pillow, and enjoy sleeping on their back or chest. Duck feather and down pillows are extremely durable, and puff back into shape time and time again.

Sizing Chart
Standard – 45 x 70cm

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Standard 45 x 70cm


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