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Sheraton European Goose Feather Pillow


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Product Description

Sheraton European Goose Feather Pillow • 70/30 European Goose Feather and Down Pillow • 233TC 100% Cotton down-proof casing • Unique Pinstripe Piped edges • Signature Logo Embroidery

This Goose feather and down pillow contains superior quality European-standard Goose feather & down housed in a 100% cotton down-proof casing. Excellent loft properties, comfort, warmth and durability.

Feather & down is natures best insulator. It boasts lightweight and fluffy characteristics. Goose down regulates your body temperature better than any synthetic alternative because of its unique ability to breathe. Compared to a duck feather and down pillow, a Goose feather and down pillow is lighter, softer and more luxurious.

Size Chart
– Standard 45 x 70cm

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Standard 45 x 70cm

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