Sheraton Wool Pillow 45 x 70cm
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Sheraton Wool Pillow 45 x 70cm


Product Description

Sheraton Wool Pillow 45 x 70cm • Sold individually • Wool Pillow • 233TC 100% Cotton down-proof casing • Standard 45 x 70cm

Sheraton’s Wool pillow & duvet inners provide a superior alternative to down based sleeping products.

The advantage of wool over down products lie in the fact that it has superior moisture management and breath-ability properties. This results in a far more comfortable sleep.

In the case of pillows, there is no build up of heat and moisture is moved away from the head, while with duvet inners, the superior loft of wool not only results in a far more aesthetically pleasing product, but also one which provides excellent & consistent warmth.

The finest South African wool is used to make the specially manufactured tiny wool puffs which are used as the filler* for these products.

Wools other advantage is that unlike feather & down products it is hypoallergenic and because there is no disintegration of the fibre, it does not support common allergens such as dust mites. Wool is also naturally flame retardant.

*Our Wool products contain a small amount of Sheradown™ to prevent the disintegration and interlocking of the woolen puffs and to ensure a lost-lasting quality product.

Inner: 70% Wool • 30% Sheradown™
Outer: 230 Thread Count 100% Cotton

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