Sheraton Luxury Wool Pillow
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Sheraton Luxury Wool Pillow


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Product Description

Wool Pillow • Medium Support • Completely Natural Pillow • Standard Size 45 x 70cm

This wool pillow is perfect for the person looking for a completely natural pillow. This natural pillow contains a pure wool filling, housed in a pure cotton casing. The advantage of wool over feather and down products lie in the fact that it has superior moisture management and breath-ability properties. This means that it regulates your body temperature better resulting in a more comfortable sleep.

What’s so special about using wool in bedding?
• In the case of pillows, there is no build up of heat and moisture is moved away from the face and head.
• With duvet inners, the superior loft of wool not only results in a far more aesthetically pleasing product, but also one which provides excellent & consistent warmth – just think about how wool jerseys and scarves perform in the cold!
• Unlike feather & down products it is hypo-allergenic
• Repels dust mites, Wicks away moisture for a dry, healthy sleep
• Resilient wool, soft, smell-free and durable. Has heat and moisture regulating property for all season use.

The finest South African wool is used to make the specially curled tiny wool puffs which are used as the filler for these products, resulting in a comfortable pillow that provides excellent support – mo matter whether you sleep on your side, back or tummy.

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